Day Eight Recap

Our team is now settled at our hotel in Managua for the night before we head home tomorrow. Our team's day was an adventurous one as we did more of a tourist day. We started off our morning with breakfast, but the hotel staff put on a beautiful buffet with a splash of Nicaraguan decor for our last morning there. We headed to the city of Leon to tour a small museum about a Nicaraguan poet and walk around a Catholic cathedral to view the amazing sights there. We had a true American meal for lunch....McDonald's. This is the first McDonald's that we have come across, so might as well start getting our American tastebuds back! We ended our tourist day by stopping at the Masaya market where we picked up our Nicaraguan gifts. A hot item with our group were the hammocks! Now it's just the process of getting them back home. After a dip in the hotel's pool, we had our final delicious meal and team devotion. We head out tomorrow and what an amazing journey we have all had. More amazing than that, we have come across such joyous people spreading His Light that we will forever remember. Our journey does not stop after we get home and unpack. There are still more opportunities out there for us to grab onto, whether international or within our own community. Service is everywhere. Whether in the form of actions or words, serving is a part of our daily lives and what a great experience it has been to serve in the village of La Joya for the past week. 


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