Day Six Recap

Within thirty minutes or so after arriving to La Joya, the eye glass clinic opened and was hustling with people. We saw mainly people from Rancheria today, a little village down the street. Similar to the previous days, the people left with bright smiles on their faces and our team left with even more memories and recognizing even more blessings. After a lunch of something more familiar to us (spaghetti), we saw more village people to treat. We then packed up for the day and headed to Rancheria to see the village. We also met up with the mayor of the village, José, who helped our team the first and second years of putting in the skylights. While we were there, we collected our photos of the volcano as well and headed out. It seems as if the days are going by faster and faster with more and more people being helped by each passing day. Tomorrow is our last day of the clinic and just like the others, we're sure that it will be one that continues to impact us. Thank you again for the continued prayers and support! 


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