Day Five Recap

Not only was our team's day filled with more people coming to the eye glass clinic, but it was filled with water as well as rain teemed down with some cracks of thunderstorm accompanying the downpour. Even with the power going out, there was no stopping of the eye clinic! The team saw 74 patients today, most walking away with improved vision and complete gratefulness shown by their bright smiles! We had more interactions with kids as well today as most of them came in the afternoon. Bubbles and necklace making sets were pulled out and the kids absolutely loved them! Such examples are young kids to us as they enjoy the simple things in life. In La Joya, not only is it the kids that give this example, but all ages do! These people that walk away from the eye clinic have always desired just to see clearly and by now having some assistance, they are filled. How do you know that they are filled? Simply by their smiles and great big bear hugs. Actions speak louder than words in the greatest and most impactful of ways. 


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