Day Four Recap

With ready minds and an improved layout, our team tackled the second day of the eye glass clinic. We took the first patient and after a busy day, we had seen around 50 people. Just before our lunch break, a group comes walking by and coincidentally enough, they are a mission team from Brooklyn Presbyterian Church out of Brooklyn, Michigan! They are working on the secondary school in La Joya laying down some concrete and plan on being there for a couple of more days. Before heading back to the hotel, our team visited the mission, which includes housing, a library, a plentiful garden, and even a Lutheran church with a stained glass window and beautiful natural lighting coming from the wide open doors and windows. Our day came to a close with a team dinner and devotion. With many memories and reflections from the day, our team always went back to converse about the people of La Joya. It is widely known that a person can have a great impact on you and for this team, we have already been impacted just by the presence of the people in this village. Maybe we didn't have a conversation with one of the patients, but we felt some sort of connection with them and noticed a difference in them. These differences left an impact on a number of the team members as we see the positivity and joy that radiates, even though they have but little. The stories they tell leave an impact as we learn more and more about the sacrifices by maybe not seeing close family members for years upon years. God is working through each individual, both through the people of La Joya and through people on our team. The relationships that are forming adds to the workings that Christ has planned for this journey. I guess it proves true when said that an impact of a person is great. Our team knows that statement full well. 


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