Day Seven Recap

Our last day of the eye glass clinic has now come to an end with us resting up at the hotel tonight before we do our "tourist" day tomorrow. Today's clinic was different than the other days. It was a day of lasts in some ways. From serving the last patient and now allowing them to see clearly to blowing the last bubble in front of the group of kids, it was all a different feeling compared to the other days. All in all, the clinic may not have gone with "the plan" the whole time, but that was our plan, not God's plan. We all are familiar with how our own plans many times fall because God has another route for us. These routes that He has planned for us are bigger and better. For our team in La Joya, we did not exactly get the number of patients that we were expecting to get. What did this create though? This provided us with more conversations with the people and more connections to be made. We often brought up in our team devotions that it's not about the numbers sometimes. If we were to have more people, yeah, more people would go away with clearer sight, but would those new relationships even be in existence? We wouldn't have as much time to talk with the people in that case. There's the example of God's route being greater than our human ways. We always think numbers. God always thinks of purpose and of His Kingdom. It's connecting our brothers and sisters in Christ a little bit more. We did have to say goodbye eventually, but in the grand scheme of things, it's really more of a "see you soon" as we will someday be reunited as one with no language or geographical barriers. God gives us this fulfilling promise and we are to remain hopeful in our spirits. Altogether, the last of seeing someone from the village or the last of a goodbye today is really just a "see you soon" and a satisfying feeling as we have found new relationships or deepened ones from the past, made only through God's route for our team. 


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