Day Three Recap

Hearing the rooster crow this morning, we all have made it to our second official day here in Nicaragua. As usual, the team started out with some delicious breakfast and then headed off to Pastor Marvin's church in La Joya. Some team members reunited with the village people from who they met last year, and many of us met the people for the very first time. It was fascinating for many of us to see the similarities and differences between the styles of worship services. Our team had the opportunity to start the service by singing a song written by Kurt Scobie to the congregation in Spanish. Viewing from the altar, you could see some of the people start to sing along. Personally, so much joy consumed my heart seeing how proud the people were as they sang the hymns and how engaging they were. Sometimes, we take our worship services for granted and this was a great reminder of how much joy there is in celebrating and worshipping the One who gave it all for us. After the worship service, our team changed clothes to head to the beach! Although we did not go into the water, we enjoyed a FANTASTIC and very filling meal at a restaurant located right on the water. Our explorations came to an end as we headed back to the hotel for the night. Our night ended with a team devotion and discussing the eye glass clinic that we will continue tomorrow. Just by conversation, our team is very excited to start up the clinic again and see how the Lord will work through this wonderful service. Just as the people of the La Joya are gaining sight, we too are gaining sight at how marvelous and genuine the people of Nicaragua are. We are continually gaining sight at how much the village has grown from the previous year and the growth within many of the people as well. Growth can come within small or large means, and by the end of this week, we are hopeful that our team will grow; grow together, grow with the people of Nicaragua, and grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord. 


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