Day Two Recap

The first day of the clinic has arrived and as we chow down on our breakfast, including the yummy fresh fruits, we are continually growing together as a team. This morning, we added to our team some outstanding translators to help us out with the language barrier. Our next stop is the village of La Joya, about 30 minutes away from our hotel. For a lot of the returners of the previous La Joya trips, memories flooded back, while new comers soaked in the sites and lifestyles of the Nicaraguan people. As our group walked along the uneven surface of the roads passing the homes of the village people, we were greeted with bright smiles and wide open arms. Setting up the clinic in the church, I think we were all a little hesitant with where the next step would take us to by opening up the clinic. Getting into our stations, we took the first patient and from there, we served various patients ranging from young to old with multiple eye sight levels along the way. After eating our delicious lunch and packing up the clinic for day, our team headed back to the hotel. We decided to make our way to the local supermarket to find some yummy snacks. Followed by another team meal, we ended our time with a group devotion led by Sandy. Talking about our experiences throughout the day and during our dinner time, our team is continually amazed by the genuine affection that the Nicaraguan people have. Such a different lifestyle than us, yet such big hearts full of love, joy, patience, and contentment. The reactions of these people receiving the glasses says it all. Although our group may not be "top notch" at our Spanish speaking skills, the people still strive to connect with us. God's gift of relationship is truly present here. In the end, we are all one. We are one in the faith and one through and in Jesus Christ. The bond between our team is a gift and the bond between us and the Nicaraguans will come to be a part of us this week that is brought to us through God's gracious gift of relationship. How blessed are we to be a part of this. 


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